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State Deputy Patrick Winchester's Message
June 2016

The 115th Annual State Meeting of the Kansas State Council of the Knights of Columbus in Wichita wrapped up on May Day, May 1st.  I wish to thank all of the Past State Deputies, State Officers, Directors, Chairman, Committee Chairmen, District Deputies, Grand Knights, Delegates, the Convention Host Council Derby Council #4458, and most of all, Convention Chairman Paul Shearrer and his lovely wife Susan, for making this Convention not only memorable, but also very efficiently ran.  It truly was a great experience for me and I am glad that, working as a team, we were able to pull this operation off with very few errors!  Well done!

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In the Beginning….........

Week 12 Father’s Day = Chris now sleeps, awakens, and exercises the muscles energetically (we should take some lessons from this). Turning of the head, curling of the toes, making a fist, opening and closing the mouth while “breathing” the amniotic fluid to help develop the respiratory system, Chris is very active in the womb. Chris is still a lightweight – weighing about one ounce – about as much as a letter. If the doctor uses a Fetal Doppler, it won’t be the weather that is seen but the baby’s heartbeat is heard which sounds like galloping horses.

“But the angel said to him, ‘Zechariah, do not be afraid, your prayer has been heard…’” Luke 1:13

Marian Hour of Prayer

A Knights of Columbus Marian Prayer Program is currently traveling through the state. The prayer program will continue through August this year. Click here view a schedule of where each icon will be in the state. Please contact your local council for prayer service times and locations.

2016 Kansas Knights of Columbus Golf Tournament

Get your teams together and join us for a weekend of golf and fraternity at the annual Knight of Columbus State Golf Tournament on July 30 and 31, 2016 and hosted by Council 601 in Salina. For more information about the tournament and for registration forms click on the attached files, fill them out and mail them to Joe Bachofer at 439 South 8th St. Salina, KS 6740. More information and registration forms click on the link to the Council 601 Salina website:

Click here for official tournament letter.
Click here for tournament entry form.

2015-2016 Seminarians

Names and Addresses of Kansas Seminarians assisted by our Adopt-A-Seminarian Program during the 2015-2016 school year. Read More

Sign Up for Email Communications

Would you like to receive information from the State Council including notices concerning illness or death of current or former state personnel and announcements from the Supreme Council. If you want to sign up please contact the State Webmaster at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Kansas Knight of the Month

For the Month of April
Marlin Bodin
Council #13394 - Corning
District 22

For the Month of March
George Fulghum
Council #11692 - Wichita-Resurrection
District 33

Supreme Council Families of the Month

David & Sharon McGill Family
Council #727 - Emporia

Chris & Laura Ulupano Family
Council #1052 - Westphalia

Jim & Brenda Kopriva Family
Council #3033 - Atwood

Aaron & Caroline Moeder Family
Council #7485 - Andover

Ray & Barbara Diedel Family
Council #12960 - Lawrence


The Program and Membership Guide references the “Council Reports CD” in many places.The forms can be found on the Supreme website at

The form to include with scrapbooks is Form STSP - State Council Service Program Awards Entry Form.

Membership, Insurance, and Missing Forms Reports

How is your council progressing in its quest for the coveted Star Council Award? The three requirements for the Star Council Award are 1) make the membership quota, 2) make the insurance quota, 3) complete and submit three forms to the Supreme office. Click on the links below to view the progress your council is making towards achieving these three goals. These reports will be updated on a regular basis, so check back often!

Membership and Insurance Report
Report Summary

2015 Supreme Featured Program Summary

The Knights of Columbus Featured Programs initiative runs in conjunction with the Surge. . .With Service Program and its six specific program areas — Church, Community, Council, Culture of Life, Family and Youth. Meeting requirements for a featured program listed for one Surge program area fills all four activity requirements for that area. More information on each featured program may be found on the Order’s website or in the Surge. . .With Service guide.

Click here for a summary of the requirements for each featured program.

Supreme Council Notice Regarding Youth Protection Training and Background Checks

The Board of Directors of Knights of Columbus has designated the following official positions in Knights of Columbus to receive mandatory Praesidium Armatus online safe environment training: State Deputies, State Squires Chairmen, State Youth Directors, Grand Knights, Youth Directors, Columbian Squires Chairmen, Chief Counselors, Committee Counselors, and Faithful Navigators (if their assembly sponsors a Squires Circle).
If you currently hold one of these positions it is important that you please read the attached notice from George Hanna, Senior Vice President for Fraternal Services.

Click here for the notice.

A Mother’s Heart

Jane Roe’s Pro-Life Commercial

Membership Playbook - Revision #2 (June 2012)

The Membership Playbook has been updated for 2012 - 2013. The Membership Playbook can be opened by clicking here. Please contact a member of the Membership Team if you have questions or suggestions for additional information.


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