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State Deputy Vincent Melvin III's Message
February 2018

As we enter the second half of this fraternal year I would like to share with you a couple of thoughts. Membership in our Order is important not only to us as a viable organization but to the Catholic Church as a whole. More important than any one of us individually, membership in our Order is evangelical in that it engages many of our members to do more in their communities, churches, and often their own families. Simultaneously, our evangelical charity also provides a living example of Catholic men in action living their faith through prayer and works of mercy, which evangelizes lukewarm Catholics and often men from other denominations to strive to be like us.

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117th Annual State Convention

The 117th Annual State Convention is being hosted by Greeley Council #1901 and St. Aloysius and Council #1913 in Overland Park. Please visit for more information.

See the State Convention Packet attached for more information and details click here

Mid Year District Meetings

Please find attached the current schedule of District meetings.
Click here for more information and for the complete Mid Year District Meeting Schedule.

2018 Free Throw Contest

The annual free throw contest is open to all boys and girls ages 9 to 14. Winners progress through local, district, and state competitions.Click here for more information including regional free throw locations and contact information.

2018 Bowling Tournament

The State Bowling Committee extends an invitation to all Knights to join in the fraternity, fellowship, and fun at our Annual Men’s Bowling Tournament. A current Traveling/Membership Card is required for entry to the tournament. Knights do not have to be a League Bowler to participate.

The 74th Annual State Bowling Tournament will be held at Royal Crest Lanes in Lawrence, KS on February 17th & 18th, February 24th & 25th and March 3th and 4th, 2018.

Requirements to host the 2019 Bowling Tournament are a site with a minimum of 24 lanes and sufficient lodging for the participants and their families. Bowlers at this year’s event will choose the location for next year’s tournament site by popular vote at the tournament. Any Council interested in hosting the 2019 Tournament MUST MAKE their request in writing, to Randy Testa, Council Activities Director before January 21, 2018.

Click here for 2018 Kansas State Council Bowling Letter.
Click here for 2018 Kansas State Council Registration Forms.
Click here for 2018 Kansas State Council Bowling Tournament.


2017-2018 Seminarians   **  Updated December 3, 2017

Names and Addresses of Kansas Seminarians assisted by our Adopt-A-Seminarian Program during the 2017-2018 school year. Read More

Supreme Council Notice Regarding Youth Protection Training and Background Checks

The Board of Directors of Knights of Columbus has designated the following official positions in Knights of Columbus to receive mandatory Praesidium Armatus online safe environment training: State Deputies, State Squires Chairmen, State Youth Directors, Grand Knights, Youth Directors, Columbian Squires Chairmen, Chief Counselors, Committee Counselors, and Faithful Navigators (if their assembly sponsors a Squires Circle).
If you currently hold one of these positions it is important that you please read the attached notice from George Hanna, Senior Vice President for Fraternal Services.

Click here for the notice.

Kansas Knight of the Month

For the month of December
John Betts
Council #9856 - Leawood-Lady of Peace
District 11

For the month of November
Wade Greif
Council #8488 - Manhattan
District 25

Supreme Council Families of the Month

For the month of December

John Kelso Family
Council #976 - Newton
District 29

Dean Diederich Family
Council #1743 - Hanover
District 21

Gerry Didde Family
Council #3018 - Ottawa
District 12

Lester Robben Family
Council #6984 - Hays-St. Mary’s
District 45

James Fricke Family
Council #10834 - Lansing
District 5

John Deters Family
Council #13087 - Baileyville
District 21

Program and Membership Guide

The 2017-2018 Program and Membership has been published.
Click here for a full version of the guide.

Marian Hour of Prayer

A *GREAT* parish / family activity, the Knights of Columbus Marian Prayer Program is currently traveling through the state.This 2017 - 2018 program will continue through April 2018. Click here to view the 2017-2018 schedule of where this icon will be in the state. Please contact your local council for prayer service times and locations. Council support is greatly appreciated.


The Program and Membership Guide references the “Council Reports CD” in many places.The forms can be found on the Supreme website at

The form to include with scrapbooks is Form STSP - State Council Service Program Awards Entry Form.

Membership, Insurance, and Missing Forms Reports

How is your council progressing in its quest for the Star Council Award and Sunflower Award for Excellence? The three requirements for the Star Council Award are 1) make the membership goal, 2) make the insurance goal, 3) complete and submit three forms to the Supreme office. The Sunflower Award has some additional requirements above the Star Council Award. Click here to view the requirements and awards for your Council. Click on the links below to view the progress your council is making towards achieving these three goals. These reports will be updated each weekday, so check back often!

Membership and Insurance Report
Report Summary

The 2017-2018 Theme for Recruiting this year is “Become The Cornerstone”. You are encouraged to offer membership to any Catholic male age 18 or older. It’s simple, all you have to do is ask them.

A Mother’s Heart

Jane Roe’s Pro-Life Commercial


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