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Church Activities

Support of Our Priests

As Knights of Columbus members we are in complete solidarity with our Bishops and Priests. We can show our support by volunteering our time and talents to our Bishops and Priests. Every member should assist their Parish Priest,  whether at mass or around the parish. We can offer our talents by being ushers, lectors, Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, or being a choir member. We can also help with maintenance for the rectory, cemetery, and school.

Religious Devotions and Masses

Prayer is the strongest weapon we have. The Rosary is a very powerful prayer that we should pray ourselves each day. If your parish doesn’t say the Rosary before Mass, contact your Parish Priest and offer to pray the Rosary before or after each Mass. Rosary prayer cards are available from the Supreme Council Office. As a part of our Knights of Columbus activities, all councils are asked to schedule a corporate communion on every 5th Sunday of each month during the year. During the month of November each council is reminded to have a memorial Mass for the deceased members of their council. Always remember to invite the family members of the deceased, and assign members to offer to escort the widows to the Mass.

Religious Education

We as Knights of Columbus should volunteer as religious education teachers, as the spiritual training of our children is especially important today. We can also help with the training of these children as alter servers at Mass. Make sure that your Council supports the Religious Education Fund Raffle. The money raised from this program helps buy books and supplies for our Religious Education Programs throughout the state. Also get involved with adult formation in your parish and if your parish does not have adult formation see what your council can do to get one started. Volunteer to be a sponsor to an RCIA candidate.

Tools For Education

A man’s responsibility is the religious education of himself and his family. The Knights of Columbus have several tools that can help a Knight achieve this responsibility of education. The Luke Hart series is a Catholic Education Series of books based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The veritas series of books cover a wide variety of topics on matters pertaining to Catholic faith and life. Both of these series are available through the Catholic Information Service at Supreme. Take part in the Supreme Knight’s “Book of the Month”. The Supreme Knight selects books to read each month and discusses the book on line. Visit the web sites: “Fathers for Good”, which helps men become better Dads, and “Headline Bistro” for news that Catholics need to know.

Keep Christ in Christmas

Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas. We are asked to share the light of Advent by promoting the use of Advent wreaths by all families in the parish. Posters, billboards. and other materials are available from the Supreme Council and there are public service announcements available for use at radio stations. We are asked to join in Light Up For Christ on during the first week of December by turning on lights and Christmas lights at this time. See the calendar of events for the date.


Every council in the State should enter a scrapbook for Church Activities. When your council conducts an activity. you should maintain a scrapbook containing pictures. news clippings, and other information about your activity. Appoint one person at the event to take pictures, then write up the information on the event and submit it directly to the State Church Activities Director, no later than April 1. The 1st place winner in the State goes on to the Supreme Convention to be judged internationally.

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