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What We Do In Kansas

Has distributed $2,400,000 in the past thirty-two years to parishes across the state to assist in Catholic Education.

The annual Tootsie Roll Program raised over $364,000 last year to help people with intellectual disabilities. Since its beginning in Kansas, this program has distributed $10.5 million to centers across the state, and is the prime sponsor of the Special Olympics Basketball Tournament.

The Pennies from Heaven Program (EDAP) gives immediate financial assistance for clothing, food or shelter to families, regardless of race, creed, or national origin, whose home has been destroyed by fire or other natural disasters. Since inception the program has provided $1,120,000 for 5,290 claims.

For many years have supported Pro-Life groups in Kansas. Cash and in-kind donations of $4.9 million have assisted these groups to protect the life of the unborn and have provided eleven sonogram machines at no cost to Pro-Life pregnancy centers.

For 57 years the Knights of Columbus has provided financial support for the Newman Centers on college campuses in Kansas in the amount of $715,000; has granted $265,300 to the Kansas Catholic Conference; and over $94,000 for other charitable endeavors.

Conducts a Statewide Free Throw contest, Vocation poster contest and Alcohol and Drug-Awareness contest for our Youth.

Promotes many other programs in support of the Church, the Family, Youth and local Communities.

Has 260 councils and more than 38,000 members across Kansas.

Through the Adopt-A-Seminarian program councils provide moral and financial support to each of Kansas’ Seminarians. Last year, over $262,000 of financial support was given.

In 1950 erected the Padilla monument near Lyons, KS in honor of Fr. Juan de Padilla, the proto-martyr of the United States and in 2000 established a $400,000 Centennial Memorial Fund, earnings from which will be used in perpetuity for religious education in Kansas. To date, $345,000 has been given to the four Kansas dioceses.

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