What is a Project / Program / Activity Scrapbook?

It is a showcase to present your council’s project or activity for consideration of a State service award.
A scrapbook is for “one” specific project or activity for that year from the council. The scrapbook “does not” cover a group of multiple activities combined.
The State winner in each program area is then submitted to the Supreme Council as a representative of the Kansas Knights of Columbus and entered in the lntemational level competition.

What Form does it take?

You can use whatever format of book, scrapbook, 3 ring binder, duo-tang report cover or other style the council would like to use.

What do I include in the scrapbook?

Anything and everything, within reason, that will “Tell the Story” of your council’s project or activity.
Elements you want to consider including are as follows:
- The submission form can be found at
- A brief 1 or 2 paragraph summary
- Statement of council project or activity in detail
- Number of members and percentage of council membership participating
- Numbers of hours donated by members
- Costs involved
- Funds raised
- Newspaper articles
- Photographs
- Church bulletin write ups
- Letters of support or thanks
- Results of the project or activity
- Anything else that can support, promote or enhance the story

How do I decide when to start the scrapbook?

The best time to plan the scrapbook is at the beginning of the fraternal year when the council maps out its programs and activities for the year. You then will have adequate time to acquire all of the necessary records, photographs, articles, and other material to include in the scrapbook as the project or activity is being organized and implemented.

What area do I submit the scrapbook in?

Each scrapbook can only be submitted in one program area. By answering the following questions, you can determine the correct program area and which Director to submit it to for consideration. “Who benefited from the project or activity?” “Was it in the Faith, Family, Community or Life Program?”

Other Do’s and Don’ts

- Plan ahead
- Keep great records
- Publicize the project or activity
- Keep copies of the papers or bulletins
- Solicit support from the Pastor, Chaplain and Community leaders for the project or activity Take quality photographs
- Organize and present the material in a smooth flowing story format

- Wait until the last minute
- Just “throw” it together
- Treat it like it’s not important
- MISS the filing deadline!!
- Over do it with volume that is not pertinent


Don’t forget to fill out the required submission form found at and include it with the scrapbook. Send the scrapbook to the appropriate State Faith, Family, Community or Life Director BEFORE the deadline!!

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